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The Andar Bahar Application – Gaming through a Mobile Device

Andar Bahar is a popular and simple Indian card game that many Indian gamblers will frequent in casinos. Players will typically find plenty of Andar Bahar applications in the net, allowing them to play the RNG-based video game anywhere they want. However, Indian players will have another option to play the card game through their mobile devices, especially when they’re using Android devices.

Khelo24bet andar bahar app

Indian gamblers can register in online casinos like Khelo24bet to have access to both live and video andar bahar games from different providers. These will include live games from Ezugi and video games from JILI, Baison, and TPF. Because of this, it is highly advisable to instead register in an online casino and download the Khelo24bet app to play Andar Bahar.

The Andar Bahar App through Khelo24bet

Andar Bahar app through Khelo24bet

Downloading the Khelo24bet app allows players to play Khelo24bet’s selection of live and video casino games from different gaming providers. Gamblers only need to follow the steps to download the Khelo24bet app to start playing andar bahar for real money.

  1. Go to the Khelo24bet download page.
  2. Using the desired Android device, scan the QR code to download the Khelo24bet andar bahar APK file.
  3. Tap “Download Now.”
  4. Install the application by navigating to the download destination folder and tapping on the APK file

iOS device users will not have access to a mobile application. Any iOS user who scanned the QR Code in the download page can tap on “Play Now” to see a list of Lines they can use to play on Khelo24bet.

Why Play through a Mobile App?

Playing andar bahar through a mobile application allows gamblers to play for real money on-the-go. This includes the live version, including the Ultimate and Casino Marina variation available in the platform, where they can also bet on the number of cards drawn in the round, and the simplified video card game version available through the different game developers.

Why play through a mobile app?

The main advantage of using the mobile application is the game’s portability. Both the mobile version of the website and the mobile app are well-optimized for a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs.

Additionally, mobile casinos are far more accessible than non-mobile ones. Because Khelo24bet is a mobile casino, it can afford to offer andar bahar to more people than non-mobile casinos. Add the fact that gamblers won’t need a relatively expensive desktop PC or laptop to start playing for real money then gaming through the mobile app makes playing the game through an andar bahar app more enticing.

Different Andar Bahar Games Available

Different Andar Bahar games available

As mentioned elsewhere in the article, gamblers will have access to both the live and RNG-based video game variations of the card game. Andar bahar players will be able to easily play either variations through the applicaition as they can easily navigate through it to look for either the “Live” or “Cards” categories.

Live Andar Bahar

The live variation is available through the live dealer game providers powering Khelo24bet. One notable example is Ezugi that offers the classic Andar Bahar game and the Ultimate and Casino Marina variations. All three variations feature side bets on how many cards will be drawn in a round but only the Casino Marina variation features the “2nd Bet.”

SA Gaming’s andar bahar offering includes the following three side bets:

  • 1st Andar or 1st Bahar – this side bet focuses on whether the first card dealt to Andar or Bahar will be equal to that of the game card.
  • First 3 – this side bet wins if the game card and the first andar and bahar cards dealt form a Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush patterns and loses when no pattern is formed or if fewer than three cards are drawn.
  • Number of Cards Dealt – this side bet focuses on how many cards will be dealt in a round with gamblers being able to bet as low as 1-5 cards to as high as 46-49 cards.

Video Andar Bahar

The video card game variation is available through both slot machine developers that also develop card games and other developers that power mobile casinos like Khelo24bet.The most notable ones are JILI and Baison.

Both JILI’s and Basison’s andar bahar games are extremely similar to the classic game, minus the side bets offered by live gaming providers to make the game unique. The only thing that can make the game unique per provider is the theme. Different game developers will typically feature different game themes according to the brand’s identity.


Indian gamers can play andar bahar online by downloading an andar bahar app like Khelo24bet and its mobile application. Using Khelo24bet gives players access to both live andar bahar games and RNG-based andar bahar card games.

Using a mobile andar bahar or online casino app gives players more opportunities to play as they no longer need to navigate through their browsers to go to an online casino to play on-the-go. Downloading the mobile app and playing through there is far more convenient than using other means.


Playing the andar bahar card game through the mobile andar bahar application allows players greater flexibility with playing the game as they can not only freely choose which variation to play, they can also do so on-the-go.

Gamblers won’t need to go to a physical casino, rent a PC through a rental shop, or buy a PC for their own to play real money andar bahar, since even a cheap Android smartphone will suffice. They’ll only need to download the Khelo24bet andar bahar application and register to start playing the card game today.

Download the Khelo24bet app today.

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