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Why Khelo24Bet is the Online Casino Place to Be?

This is the exhilarating world of online live casinos, where cutting-edge technology and in-the-moment play combine to give you a gambling experience like no other. Bypass the restrictions of conventional online casinos and enjoy the lively environment of live dealer games at Khelo24Bet instead.

Why Khelo24Bet is the online casino to be at

Here are several reasons why choosing to play online casino games is the best option:

Mobile Friendliness

Gamblers enjoy playing at online casinos because they may do so from any location as long as they have the necessary equipment. It’s critical that a casino’s target market can play games on their preferred mobile devices because most consumers today access the internet via their mobile phones.

When searching for a top-notch online casino, you should determine whether a specific online casino is also a mobile one. Since you can go to our app download website to scan the QR code and download the app for either iOS or Android devices, Khelo24Bet is an example of an online casino that is also a mobile casino.

Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses!

Online casinos may be able to offer casino bonuses and promotions that allow lucky gamblers to win additional real money if they meet the exact rollover requirements of each bonus.

Khelo24Bet can do this since our running costs are cheaper than traditional casinos, which have greater energy costs because of the numerous real slot machines, sportsbook TVs, lighting fixtures, and other equipment that operate continuously while the casino is open.

Welcome bonuses and other incentives suited to certain betting opportunities are frequently offered to new players by online casinos like us. Prepare for a memorable voyage filled with immersive gaming and never-ending enjoyment at today’s top-rated Khelo24Bet online live casinos!

First Deposit/Welcome Bonus 

The maximum prize that may be awarded to new players at Khelo24Bet online casino is $3,177, depending on how much they deposit for the first time. But during the duration of the activity period, this is a one-time opportunity that cannot be repeated. The risk of having their account restricted or their funds frozen increases when a gambler opens more than one account.

VIP Bonuses

Indian gamers can be eligible for VIP status depending on how much they wagered. After starting at VIP0 status, the player must advance to VIP10 rank to gain bonuses. These benefits include the following:

  • VIP Cumulative Bonuses of up to ₹5,888
  • VIP Daily Salary Bonus of up to ₹95
  • VIP Weekly Salary Bonus of up to ₹120
  • VIP monthly salary bonuses of up to ₹3,000

The bonus amount will depend on the player’s VIP status.

Lucky Roulette

In addition to the initial deposit or welcome bonus, Khelo24Bet also provides a weekly job that is reset every Monday at 0:00. To be eligible for this reward; gamblers need to complete the task with the highest prize value for the week—20,000.

24/7 Live Customer Support

It is crucial that our platforms go above and above to provide 24/7 assistance to our players since we take offering exceptional customer care seriously. We guarantee that assistance is available whenever you need it with live customer service available around-the-clock.

Live customer support

The most popular approach is live chat, which enables you to converse in real time with an expert representative who can quickly address your questions and offer solutions. The benefit of having live customer service available all the time is that it can accommodate gamers from different time zones and provide support no matter where you are or what time of day it is. This degree of usability and responsiveness aims to improve your game experience as a whole.

So, rest assured that our devoted support team is just a click away whether you run into a technical problem at Khelo24Bet, have a query regarding a game, or need help with your account.

What to Play at Khelo24Bet?

What to play at Khelo24Bet

To accommodate the various tastes of players, online casinos provide a broad selection of live games. Several respected gambling companies, including Ezugi Live, SA Live, EVO Live, WM Live, and AE Live, power these Khelo24Bet games. These are but a few examples since online casinos regularly release fresh and cutting-edge live games to improve the enjoyment of their users. Among the typical live games you may discover at an online casino are:


A dealer and one or more players play the blackjack card game together. The goal is to build up a hand total greater than the dealer’s but not greater than 21. After receiving their initial two cards, each player can “hit” to draw more cards or “stand” to maintain their current hand total. A set of guidelines is followed by the dealer, who normally hits until their hand total is 17 or greater. Aces can be valued at either 1 or 11 points, while face cards (King, Queen, and Jack) are worth 10 points each. Numbered cards are worth their face value. A player loses the hand if their total surpasses 21 and they bust.


Here are other blackjack game variations you can find at Khelo24Bet:

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack is a popular skill-based card game among many real money gamblers, mostly because there is a potential to win big. Anyone who wants to play blackjack for real money must be familiar with fundamental techniques, blackjack card counting, and rule breaks used by seasoned blackjack players who have won big. Play this age-old card game to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.

Speed Blackjack

A quick-paced version of the classic blackjack game is called speed blackjack. This variation deals the first two cards to each player simultaneously. Each player then decides on their own whether to hit, stand, or take other actions without waiting for the other players to finish. As players make decisions rapidly, the game’s overall length is drastically shortened, and the excitement level rises, resulting in a dynamic and swift gameplay experience.

Power Blackjack

A fun new version of the traditional card game, Power Blackjack adds fresh rules and components to the action. In this variation, players can “Double Down” on any total, even after hitting many times, by increasing their initial wager. The “Power Split” option enables players to divide any two cards with the same value, including face cards that don’t match, and play them as separate hands. The blackjack game is made more strategic and exciting by these particular regulations.

Infinite Blackjack

A limitless number of players can engage at the same table in Infinite Blackjack, a special variation of the classic game. All players receive the same initial two-card hand thanks to cutting-edge technology, and they are each free to choose whether to hit or stand on their own. A live dealer hosts the game, resulting in an immersive and participatory experience that combines the ease of online play with the communal nature of a live casino.

Lightning Blackjack

The classic blackjack card game is electrified in Lightning Blackjack, where players may win thrilling multiplier prizes. Random cards are chosen as “Lightning Cards” with multiplier values ranging from 2x to 5x during each round. The relevant multiplier increases a player’s winnings if they have a Lightning Card and win the round. This exhilarating variation raises the stakes and offers more potential rewards than the standard blackjack game.

Live Baccarat

Even new gamblers may easily grasp and play live baccarat because it has a low learning curve and is a popular casino card game. Due to its simplicity compared to other card games, especially when employing just the banker or player bet, baccarat is simpler for beginners to learn. In this classy card game, you can wager on either the player’s or the banker’s hand, trying to get as close to nine as possible.


Some examples of live baccarat variations available in Khelo24Bet include the following:

  • Classic Baccarat
  • Sexy Baccarat
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • Squeeze Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Super 6 Baccarat

Live Roulette

You can play either video roulette, which employs a random number generator, or live roulette, a popular online casino game with a live dealer. Roulette focuses more on luck with a wager or having a substantial bankroll to cover multiple bets and boost your chances of winning than card games, where skill is required to win real money.


Most live casinos offer a selection of live roulette games, including local dealer games and live variations of American and European roulette. As you place wagers on various numbers, colors, or combinations, feel the thrill of the spinning wheel.

Some of the variations available to players will include the following:

Speed Roulette

This variation allows players to play more games per hour as each round lasts a shorter time than that of standard variations. The rules are still largely the same and the specific table is usually the European roulette variation featuring only one Green Zero.

Speed Roulette can be integrated with the Auto Roulette variation.

Auto Roulette

This variation can either be a live or video roulette variation where the wheel is spun automatically without the need of an actual dealer. The round times and wait times will remain largely the same as that of a standard roulette variation.

This variation can be integrated with Speed Roulette to quicken round times while also eliminating the need for a live dealer.

Live Poker

Live poker is played in a real-world environment, usually at a casino or poker room, where players are seated at a table and compete against one another. Players fight against one another to win pots in several poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud. A player must have the best hand or successfully bluff their opponent to win.


Live poker is a popular option for poker enthusiasts because it offers a social and immersive experience that enables players to study the actions of their opponents and make tactical decisions based on those observations.

The poker variations available in Khelo24Bet will include the following games from Ezugi Live:

  • Casino Hold’em
  • Three Card Poker
  • Teen Patti
  • 32 Cards

Live Andar Bahar

The popular Indian card game, Andar Bahar, is a simple card game where the goal is to guess with side will have a card that is the same value as that of the first drawn card, called the Joker Card. Ezugi’s Andar Bahar game will feature the side bet focusing on how many cards will be drawn until the winning card is drawn.

Ezugi Live offers the following Andar Bahar titles:

  • Andar Bahar
  • Ultimate Andar Bahar
  • Casino Marina Andar Bahar

Live Game Shows

Online casinos’ live game shows are engaging events that combine features of conventional game shows with online gaming. Players can take part remotely in these games because they are live-streamed and hosted by presenters in real-time. 

live game shows

The game shows frequently use innovative and entertaining forms like spinning wheels, prize drops, or trivia-based challenges where players can wager on different outcomes and earn cash prizes or bonuses based on their choices. For players seeking a distinctive online casino experience, the combination of live entertainment, dynamic gameplay, and the possibility of significant winnings offers an exhilarating and engaging environment.

Experience interactive entertainment with live game shows like Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live, and Dream Catcher that include hosts and thrilling bonus rounds.

Live Dice Games

Online casinos with live dice games give players a thrilling and immersive gaming experience that mimics the excitement of rolling dice in a real-world casino. Real-time dice rolling and high-definition video streaming are used in these games, which are hosted by live dealers. Players can wager on a variety of outcomes, such as certain numbers, combos, or total values, and watch as the dice are rolled and the results are revealed in front of their very eyes.

live dice games

Live dice games provide a new level of interactivity to online casino gambling due to their interactive nature and the opportunity for players to communicate with the dealer and other players in real time.


Yes. Many gamblers even prefer to play live games to check for game manipulation by studying the dealer’s conduct because it is impossible to rig live casino games. Games are unquestionably a lot fairer when respectable and well-known software providers give them.

Yes, playing at live casinos is often risk-free, especially if you stick with reputed and authorized operators. These casinos use cutting-edge security methods to safeguard their customers’ personal information and financial data.

You will need a dependable internet connection to participate in the game, communicate with the dealer, and see it as it happens because live casino games are streamed in real-time. Without a dependable connection, you won’t be able to experience seamless live gaming.


Online betting on live cricket events and playing online casino games provide a convenient and fun way to have fun and potentially make money. But if you choose Khelo24Bet, you can feel secure knowing that with a huge selection of games, safe payment options, and round-the-clock customer service, gamers can take advantage of a secure and immersive gambling experience from their homes.

We continue to place a high premium on letting players experience all the fun of online gambling while also looking out for their safety and well-being.